The Reedusluts
faith, trust, and norman lust are all you need
Definition: (Ree-duslut) | Noun: One who is fanatically, obsessively, incredibly and irreversibly lost in admiration, love, obsession, and fangirl/fanboy-status over one Norman Reedus.We have little else to do with our lives than think of Mr. Reedus, post feelings about him, dream about meeting him, tweet him, edit photographs of him, reblog image sets, and cry at his perfection.


Hey everyone!! I’m here to announce that it’s our good friend Sam’s birthday today :) She is a fellow Reeduslut, and one of the most selfless and amazing people I know.

She waited all day in a line to see Norman at HorrorHound, just to be able to give him something from one of our minions, Whitney, who couldn’t get in the line that day.

Go wish her a happy birthday HERE! There’s almost 3000 of you, I know you’re up to this challenge ;)

Alternatively, if you’d like to send her a birthday wish via Twitter, click HERE

New project will be announced very soon if you guys go forth and send things!



To everyone who was interested in making designs for the Reedusluts merchandise, PLEASE submit them to us!! We want to get some stuff put in the Reedusluts shop, but need the designs first :)

Would it help if we made a deadline?

Poll Results and More Info!!

Hey Reedusluts! Thanks for voting on our poll :)

Our results show (as you can go and see) that y’all definitely want some Reedusluts merch!! Hell yeah! Out of 150 voters:

90% Yes

3% No

8% Would like to help us with designs!

SO, on that note: WE NEED DESIGNS TO PUT ON THE STUFF AND THINGS FOR REEDUSLUTS MERCH. So those of you who indicated that you were interested, start up those editing programs! We need original Reedusluts designs!

Send any designs you might come up with either to our Submit box, or to :D


Attention Reedusluts! We want YOU!

To vote in this poll! After receiving some asks about Reedusluts merchandise, we’ve set up a poll to see if there’s any interest in the idea!

Do you want to buy Reedusluts-related merchandise? Depending on the answers, you could!

Go vote here!


P.S. There’s almost 3,000 of you. We know you’re out there, don’t leave us hanging!

kfranklin77: I hope all the Reedusluts in Boston are okay! Sending love!

Our thoughts and prayers are also with everyone there, especially our fellow ‘sluts. ♥

Anonymous: I know you probably answered this a million plus times but does Norman have his own blog?? I'm trying to find it but is giving me shit!!! And thanks for having an amazing blog!! Reedusluts unite!!! <3

He does! Though it’s not incredibly active. You can find his tumblr over here:

The Reedusluts have made it to Urban Dictionary!

Click the link for the page!

A SUPER big thanks to twitter user @_itsDarylDixon!!!!

Hi Everyone! Mik here.

So I wake up from a nap with missed calls and lots of new twitter activity. I look to see what all the fuss is about when, WHAT? Norman linked to us?!

We are SO SO excited to be recognized! Thank you Norman!

I’ll get to answering everyone in askbox right now :)

A Very Reedusluts Valentines Day Project

As you’re all (probably) aware, Valentine’s Day is coming up. So of course, we have a new project to make for Norman, and we want your help! Read below the cut for details.

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Guess what sluts?! Norman mentioned us again! WEEEEEW

Found by the lovely Mistress_Reedus