The Reedusluts
faith, trust, and norman lust are all you need
Definition: (Ree-duslut) | Noun: One who is fanatically, obsessively, incredibly and irreversibly lost in admiration, love, obsession, and fangirl/fanboy-status over one Norman Reedus.We have little else to do with our lives than think of Mr. Reedus, post feelings about him, dream about meeting him, tweet him, edit photographs of him, reblog image sets, and cry at his perfection.

Reedusluts is back!!

After an unannounced hiatus, we’re back! Though for right now, it’s just Admin Mik, so please bear with me! 

And welcome to all of our new followers who joined during our silence. Thank you to everyone who stuck with us!

xo -Mik

Attention Reedusluts!

Norman’s fanmail address has been updated on our Resources page! Please check there if you’re looking for the current address.


Welcome to last week’s new followers!



























Happy new year to all of you, and thanks for following!

All alone on New Years? Pop into tinychat and say hello!

News, Housekeeping, and Announcement

My dearest Reedusluts,

If you’d like your convention photos and/or write-ups to be reblogged to the Reedusluts blog, feel free to message me, admin Mik! (sweet-tea-and-zombies)

I know that everyone hasn’t had the chance to meet him, and I remember reading stories of other people’s experience always made me feel better. So I’d like to share that! All I need is a little help from you!


New Reedusluts Merch designs will be added to the shop soon!


Check out the Roaming Reedus Project! A little laminated “Roaming Reedus” has been making his way across the country for over a year, and now he’s gone international! Follow the adventures until we send it to the last stop—-Norman himself!


Lastly, we’re working on a new feature that I hope you all will participate in. More news to come!


Dear Reedusluts

Hello ladies (and gentlemen)! 

I wanted to stop by and apologize for the our lack of updates. A group of us were actually at Fandom Fest in Kentucky this weekend and were away from our computers and wif-fi alike. How we survived I don’t know. Probably filling up on Reedus hugs and Flanery stories. (I promise there will be updates soon).

Anyway. We will be back to posting about our fabulous Reedus.

Thanks for understanding! Check back in soon.

Cafepress shop is now up and running!

You guys wanted Reedusluts merch, and now you got it! More designs will be added soon, but we’ve got some great stuff in there!

Check it out here, at

Any money we make from this will go towards funding future Reedusluts projects, or to a good cause. None of us are making a personal profit :)

Tinychat day!

Mik is hanging out in Tinychat all day today while she works on various Reedusluts projects, such as opening our cafepress shop, and finally getting Roaming Reedus back up and running! (RR now has an official twitter, @RoamingReedus)

Come say hi as she tries not to lose her mind!


Hey everyone!! I’m here to announce that it’s our good friend Sam’s birthday today :) She is a fellow Reeduslut, and one of the most selfless and amazing people I know.

She waited all day in a line to see Norman at HorrorHound, just to be able to give him something from one of our minions, Whitney, who couldn’t get in the line that day.

Go wish her a happy birthday HERE! There’s almost 3000 of you, I know you’re up to this challenge ;)

Alternatively, if you’d like to send her a birthday wish via Twitter, click HERE

New project will be announced very soon if you guys go forth and send things!