The Reedusluts
faith, trust, and norman lust are all you need
Definition: (Ree-duslut) | Noun: One who is fanatically, obsessively, incredibly and irreversibly lost in admiration, love, obsession, and fangirl/fanboy-status over one Norman Reedus.We have little else to do with our lives than think of Mr. Reedus, post feelings about him, dream about meeting him, tweet him, edit photographs of him, reblog image sets, and cry at his perfection.

Reedusluts is back!!

After an unannounced hiatus, we’re back! Though for right now, it’s just Admin Mik, so please bear with me! 

And welcome to all of our new followers who joined during our silence. Thank you to everyone who stuck with us!

xo -Mik

Reedus, meanwhile, has gone from tenuous guest star to the mega-hit’s most beloved regular. His online fans (they have names like Norman’s Nymphos and Reedusluts) gave him a huge reception at Comic-Con this year… ‘Call them nerds, whatever, man,’ he says. ‘I fucking love nerds.’

Attention Reedusluts!

Norman’s fanmail address has been updated on our Resources page! Please check there if you’re looking for the current address.