The Reedusluts
faith, trust, and norman lust are all you need
Definition: (Ree-duslut) | Noun: One who is fanatically, obsessively, incredibly and irreversibly lost in admiration, love, obsession, and fangirl/fanboy-status over one Norman Reedus.We have little else to do with our lives than think of Mr. Reedus, post feelings about him, dream about meeting him, tweet him, edit photographs of him, reblog image sets, and cry at his perfection.

Guys, one of our blog admins, Kenzie, is having one hell of a time in her life right now. It’s pretty bad and she could really use all the moral support she can get.

So please, like this post, reblog it, send her an ASK.

Anything you can do to take two seconds out of your time to let her know people care about her, and she has every reason in the world to live and look forward to life.

She is a part of the Reeduslut family and the Norman Reedus fandom, the SPN fandom, and more, and we’re all pretty connected in my mind, so please. Take two minutes to reach out and let someone know it gets better <3