The Reedusluts
faith, trust, and norman lust are all you need
Definition: (Ree-duslut) | Noun: One who is fanatically, obsessively, incredibly and irreversibly lost in admiration, love, obsession, and fangirl/fanboy-status over one Norman Reedus.We have little else to do with our lives than think of Mr. Reedus, post feelings about him, dream about meeting him, tweet him, edit photographs of him, reblog image sets, and cry at his perfection.

Alright it’s flip off Friday submission time!!


You have 36 hours to submit!


So it’s that time again! Send in your flip off pictures to be compiled into a gif for Norman himself.

We’d like to feature some of those who did not make it into last week’s gif so if we run out of space repeats MAY be pruned.

Snap your pic and submit here:

You have until 10pm Thursday Night Eastern Time. (26 hours from now)

OKAY well we are currently attempting to get this fucker under 1mb to display on tumblr, but until then, here is a direct link. GO SPAM IT TO NORMAN ON TWITTER SO HE SEES IT!! xx

In case you were wondering…

you can submit your flip off friday pictures here.

and there’s a drop down menu if you click where it says “submit a text post” you can then select “submit a picture” and there you go!

Keep your submissions coming!We’re loving them!